As part of the preparations for attending my very first General Conference Session, I read in the Book of Acts the description of the early Christian church struggling to organize and establish its identity. I also read several articles about Adventist pioneers going through similar experiences of hammering out fundamental beliefs and organizational procedures and policies.

Clearly, what we need in San Antonio as we wrestle with our current challenges is Holy Spirit power. And I can’t help thinking what it might be like to glance up from working on my reporting assignments and suddenly see above the heads of delegates small flames of fire.

What if the flames began to shimmer, glow and dance until the room was ablaze with God’s glory?

It could happen, of course, just like it did at Pentecost. And the Spirit could rush in like a mighty wind and fill us to overflowing with a passion for Jesus and sharing the good news of His mission to save and restore Planet Earth.

We could be ignited, engaged, empowered—our faith living embers that burst into flame as our world church rises, shines and carries the gospel around the globe.

So here’s to flames in San Antonio—not from the heat of the spicy Southwestern food, or the mid-summer weather, or our own “discussions” —but Holy Spirit-delivered flames of love, joy, peace and all the other spiritual gifts…whether we actually see the flames or only feel their influence.