On October 20, 2012, Boulder Church members had the privilege of witnessing the baptism of Garrett Rasnick, a pre-dental student at the University of Colorado (CU). His fiancée, Lulu Zhang, also joined by profession of faith. Garrett’s story began with his search for a dental school. He is very service-oriented and found the mission statement of the dental school at Loma Linda University fascinating. Consequently, he showed up at the local Adventist church on a Sabbath morning early last August. Several smiling members greeted him, including Judi Williamson. Before Judi invited him to the pastors’ Sabbath school class, she learned that he was interested in dentistry. “After class I want you to meet Dr. Gordy Gates, one of the dentists in our church,” she said.

The two men enjoyed a lengthy conversation and Dr. Gates encouraged Garrett to shadow him at his office the following week. Garrett observed for two days, and Dr. Gates took him to lunch both days.

Garrett continued attending the pastors’ Sabbath school class for the next several weeks. One Sabbath when the pastoral team was at an event, Pastor Phil Jones, a retired evangelist, taught the class. He assumed that all present were already church members, but he felt compelled to make an appeal for a public profession of Jesus through baptism. Garrett raised his hand. His exact words to the class were, “Count me in.”

Pastor Jones met with him after class, and they set his baptismal date. When Jones asked what had led him to his decision, Garrett replied, “This is the friendliest church I have ever been in.” The rest of the story is divine history.

“Church members should be ready with a ‘Gladventist Glow’ on their faces to embrace the ones God sends us each Sabbath,” said Jones. “The warmth of Jesus needs to shine from our lives.”

To view Garrett’s baptism, select video archive from the October 20 second service at http://new.livestream.com/ bouldersdachurch.

Author Mark Bond is communication director for the Rocky Mountain Conference.