I did something yesterday that I would never have done if I hadn’t been on vacation. This fact has me worried that you won’t do it either – unless you are on vacation. But you will miss an incredible blessing if you don’t make time to do this. My friend Tami Cinquemani posted the site on her facebook page. It was an event that we had been invited to but couldn’t afford to attend because we’re not just short on cash, but time also. I got to attend yesterday – the presentations have been put on the internet. They are only the audio recordings of friends, but if I closed my eyes, I could see them in my mind – I was there. I want to share the site with you and encourage you to listen too. It really is all about Jesus –  http://www.adventistyouth.org/one/view.php?item_id=1069 I hope you listen – you will be blessed as I have this week. I want to introduce you to The Center for Youth Evangelism and the One project. If you go through the photo gallery you will probably see some people you know.

Be blessed as you listen.