Kim Canine joined Union College to fill a new position—associate dean of students. One of her primary roles has been to develop a new way to connect Union digitally through a campus social media platform dubbed Squirrel HUB. Photo courtesy Union College.

For many college students, email is a relic from the ancient past and has gone the way of dinosaurs, the typewriter and landline telephones. Now, in an effort to more effectively communicate with students, Union College has built a new social media network on campus to create an electronic community as vibrant and diverse as Union’s real-life campus.

To tackle the daunting task, Union turned to Kim Canine, who joined the campus team last summer to fill a new position—associate dean of students. Canine has not only assumed responsibility for the new electronic community—dubbed Squirrel HUB as a salute to the bushy-tailed campus dwellers—but will also assist the dean of students with a variety of other tasks including managing Union’s orientation week for new students, coordinating campus clubs and developing a new drug and alcohol education program.

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