Well, more time has gone between blogs than I’ve wanted, but that’s okay. I thought about it a lot! I’ve grown to love and appreciate my blog more and more. Certainly more than I did back when I first started. Back then I hadn’t truly taken a hold of myself and done something with my interests. So, despite the slight time lapse, I am continuing. Onward and upward!

This week on Union College and CVA campus is becoming increasingly energetic for it is… MAUC Tournament! Every year, all the basketball teams from all around come to the good ole Midwest, the central location, to play and compete for the championship. Teams such as MAA, DAA, MHA, CA, MWA, and of course… CVA. . Gathering at either the Union gym or CVA gym, guy and girl teams will face off in the ultimate showdown of the year, neck in neck, blood to blood, in order to win and make their schools proud. Well, okay, so maybe it isn’t quite THAT epic. If only…

Regardless, this is the time we all muster up our school spirit and cheer our comrades on! If you haven’t assumed it yet, I myself am not on any of the teams at CVA. Not JV, Varsity, and definitely not the girl’s team. I’ve never been a sports enthused kid. The extent of my youthful involvement was mainly restricted to a bit of YMCA baseball and a lot of the BackYard Football/Baseball/Basketball/Soccer computer games. Therefore, I’ve resorted to embracing my natural character of artistic-ness and just cheering for my friends as they play on the court :)

My hopes for these upcoming games and events is that everyone will have fun and just enjoy the thrill of the game. Too much emphasis and concern is placed on winning and that zaps the fun out of it for me. Though winning sweetens the deal when it happens! Its easy to say that “We’re all winners in God’s eyes” but in the end, I don’t think people will ever give up the competition and just play to play. And with that competition comes bitterness and bad stuff… :/ But I don’t need to get into that now. For now, I’ll leave it this way. MAUC Tournament is here, and I’m excited, as are many, many more students and teachers. I hope everything goes well and that we all stay safe and retain Christian attitudes/sportsmanship. And above all… GO CVA!!!