If you are wanting to maintain your current weight or struggling with losing weight, the holidays can be a difficult time. Many times people do not realize that sugar consumption may cause weight gain and keep our bodies from burning fat. In addition, cheese can do the same thing and we are unaware. 

Sugar and cheese can be stimulating and addictive foods. They also have empty calories which our bodies are unable to digest, which then leads to excess fat. For calcium intake, in place of cheese, try spinach, avocado or any green leafy vegetables, beans and legumes. 

HIIT Training (High Intensity Interval Training)

Exercise is also very important for maintaining a healthy body. Outside exercise in the fresh air is wonderful for your mind and circulation. I started exercising outside and using weights, doing high and low impact moves, as well as different routines to keep my heart rate up. This type of exercise does not take long to do. Anyone can be successful and get a really good workout in 5-10 minutes. 

You can burn calories and enter into the fat burning stage with the intervals. Low impact or modifications can be added as well.

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