10 Steps to “finding” time:

By Cassi Fitzpatrick

I don’t think time flies out the window much these days. More like the vacuum of the web.

How do we get it all done and what do we choose? Simple! Well, simple to say at least.


1 Management

Email? If you open it up and it’s important, respond. It keeps you from having to worry about it later. Take the time only if you can afford it, though, because we all know how much time can be eaten up.

2 The Wonderful/Dreaded Facebook

It’s love and hate. Facebook is a wonderful way to keep up with friends but it can zap our attention and time. Refrain from using it while working.

3 Say No to Multitasking

It may help us feel productive but it’s draining and slows us down. Think of yourself as a computer battery. If you have a movie playing, music, screen on bright, 5 bazillion windows open, it’s going to die faster. Take care of yourself—do one thing at a time. Your recharge periods will be farther apart.

4 The Good Old “Make a List”

Write down what you want to accomplish today. I also make a list of big things I need to do each week. Then, I can work on things here and there.

5 Avoid Last Minute Deadlines

This is easy to do and will ease unneeded stress. I thrive when I work under pressure but I’m discovering the ease of getting work done early. Do a little every day and then it won’t seem so big when the deadline approaches. Set a specific time and stick to it.

6 Tackle the Giant

We all know that big task that sits there…waiting. We don’t want to start because we know it’ll take forever to finish. Force yourself to do just a little to get started. That way, you’ve made some progress and every little bit you do will help you gain confidence in finishing. This goes along with avoiding those last minute deadlines.

7 Set Priorities

Parents, I can speak from the childhood of not too long ago. Be there for your children. When all is said and done, people are all we’re taking with us to heaven. Set an example of serving others and being there when it counts. And sometimes, this means self-sacrifice. I more often regret the time I didn’t take, rather than taking the time.

8 God’s Time

We’re on this earth to build a relationship with God and share Him with others. If we’re not taking time to get to know Him, ask yourself, “Why am I here?” Spend time with your creator and I know the time you “loose” will make up for itself.

9 God’s Vision

What does God want you to do with your day? The other day I was rushing through my routine and stopped to wonder, what does God really want me to do with my day?

10 Prayer

Pray about it. Ask God if there’s something missing or needed. Maybe He wants you to drop that extra hour of TV and go spend time with your loved ones. Or getting to know your neighbors.