Living a healthy lifestyle is a journey. The more I think I am thriving in health, the realization hits me that there are areas in my life that need to change. I see habits I have adapted that do not fit into my healthy lifestyle.  

 The new discoveries as they relate to living a healthy lifestyle amaze me. For instance, following a plant based diet requires much thought for meal planning and encourages me to take a look at the foods I know to eat in place of meat (since many of the veggie meats and other meat replacements consist of high sodium or excess sugar).   

I started doing research on the processed foods and decided to cut back and start eating a more whole food plant based diet. I could feel the difference in my energy levels and I seemed to not be bloated or retaining excess water weight.

As far as exercise is concerned, I am walking around 20,000 steps at least 5-6 days a week. On 3-4 occasions I was able to walk 30,000 steps. In addition, more than once I hit 40,000 steps in a day. That was around 20 miles (almost a marathon). I was absolutely inspired and overwhelmed. 

I believe that eating more whole foods in general is better for living a healthy lifestyle. The results are great. By eating whole foods you actually give your body the nutrients and supplements it needs to perform at its highest level. You will feel the difference and see the difference as well.

As I am thriving in health and not just surviving in health, I am excited to share my experience and encourage others to make a few adjustments in your current plan and see the results!

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Jeanine Qualls is a health educator based in Kansas City, Missouri.

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