As we begin a New Year I am re-evaluating various aspects of my life. I started thinking about liabilities versus assets. I found a notebook and a pen then started writing down categories in my life and determining if the things I am doing are liabilities or assets. 

My first category was spiritual. I wrote down prayer, Bible study and fasting; these were listed under assets to my spiritual growth.  Sleeping in late, skipping bible study and neglecting to pray throughout the day when problems arise is a liability for my spiritual growth. 

My second category was health. Maintaining and implementing the 8 laws of health and eliminating sugary and snack foods is an asset for my overall health. 

A third category is managing stress. Life can be burdensome at times. Family problems may arise, sickness comes, and financial problems seem overwhelming. The perplexities of life and all the problems that we experience tend to cause anxiety and worry. 

Many times in my own life when life just seemed to bring me down, I would ask myself what can I do about it and how can I be at peace even during the storms of life. The answer is simple; leave It at the feet of Jesus. Jesus is the burden carrier and he is our help and peace in the time of trouble. Jesus wants us to bring all our cares and problems to him and allow him to work everything out in his timing.

As we thrive into the New Year, check your liabilities versus assets.  It is never too late to make changes.

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