I have been thinking about faith lately.  We often say that the opposite of faith is doubt; maybe in the broadest sense of the word that is correct.  However, I think the way most of us experience the opposite or absence of faith would be better described as anxiety–that feeling when all of a sudden we think we have to do something because a given situation is out of control, or when we’re worried we might not get what we think we need or deserve.  So anxiety kicks in, and we start planning how to solve the situation to our satisfaction.  Our heart rate speeds up and our brain goes into overdrive.  Instead of surrendering the situation to God and trusting Him to work things out (faith), we try to figure out different ways to bring about a satisfactory outcome.  We become anxious (doubt that God can–or will–handle this situation) and try to take the situation into our own hands.  I guess that faith is about believing that God loves me and will work events in my life for my good and His glory.  When I feel anxiety tighten my chest, I have been trying to breathe deeply and offer the situation up to God as a sacrifice, for Him to do with as He knows best.


Photo credit:  Julie Escobar