Last October when members of the Moberly (MO) Church released dozens of Mylar helium-filled balloons into the night sky they had no idea what to expect. Each balloon had a letter and a Bible study card attached to it. The letter read, in part:

Dear Friend,

It is by no accident that you have received this message. God has brought this to you to tell you how much He loves you. Give Him the opportunity to come into your life. These Bible study lessons will teach you so much and bring you into a walk with God. We also extend an invitation to come visit our congregation. Please know that you have been prayed for and friends are waiting to meet you. If you are unable to come and visit, please send us a note to let us know when and where you received this.

The idea to be more involved in outreach ministry came about in the Junior Sabbath school class during the mission story time. The exciting stories of lives changed were inspiring to read about…but we needed more. We needed to do more than just read about missions. We needed to become involved. Our mission field was right where we live—in our homes, school and community. It was time to be creative. Through God’s guidance our class decided to implement a mission outreach activity every quarter. Some of the activities have included making and taking cards to members struggling with health issues, visiting an Amish family and taking them a laundry basket full of goods after the husband/father of the family had been killed in an accident, going door to door and inviting kids in the neighborhood to VBS, “heart attacking” some members of the church, which meant decorating their front door with encouraging messages and verses written on hearts on Valentine’s Day and visiting the elderly in the nursing home.

Two days after the balloons were released one of them came down in Cambridge, Minnesota. Tim Akers was out working in his yard when a balloon landed on his head. After reading the letter he called the Moberly Church and left a message on the answering machine: “It must have been meant just for me!”

We too believe that the message attached was meant just for Tim because his balloon traveled over 450 miles and changed directions from east to straight north. We have been in contact with him and are praying that he will be interested in the Bible studies offered. Please say a prayer that God will convict Tim with an earnestness to learn more of God’s immeasurable love, guidance and plan of salvation.

We can only imagine the “behind the scenes” action that took place on the balloon’s journey north. I like to think Tim’s angel fought and prevailed over the evil angel in delivering the message directly to him. It will be so fun to learn all about the details someday. How many trees, lakes and fields it could have landed in. We know it was hand delivered and praise God for this miracle. We lift Him up in honor, praise and adoration. What a privilege to be partners in God’s work!

This article was also published in the March/April 2015 print edition of OUTLOOK. It was written by Jolene Johnston, a member of the Moberly Church.