Temperance is an absolute must in order to thrive in health and not just survive in health. In the Bible, temperance is one of the fruits of the spirit. Temperance basically refers to knowing how to say no to those things that will be destructive to you. Temperance also refers to having self discipline.

I have had a real struggle with temperance in many areas of my life. For instance, having temperance when it comes to eating snack foods or going to bed on a regular schedule. As I struggled to achieve temperance in these areas of my life, I found tools that helped me to live a healthier lifestyle and thrive in health.

I now have set times for my meals and regular sleeping hours. It is not easy every day, but since I am aware of how a regular routine aids me in having good health, I am motivated to be consistent.

Regular eating habits assist with maintaining healthy weight. Regular sleeping patterns also help with maintaining a healthy weight. Consistency with temperance principles gives me more energy, which makes me more productive during the day. I also seem to have a better relationship with God because I have the energy to have prayer time in the morning and a clear mind throughout the day to commune with Him.

Lastly is organization – which includes meal planning, meal prep and organizing my kitchen, refrigerator, cabinets and making a weekly shopping list. I have been doing this for over 10 years. Being consistent with these things makes living a healthy lifestyle and thriving in health much easier on a daily basis. 

Time is very important. I found that over the years the more organized I am the less time I have to spend on trying to find cooking items in the kitchen, or searching the refrigerator to look for vegetables or other items, or going to the grocery store and not knowing what I need to buy for my meals (which can be very frustrating). Staying organized relieves the frustration and stress that sometimes we encounter.

In conclusion, take time to reorganize or just organize those things in your life that will help you thrive in health and not just survive in health. Start practicing temperance principles and see your health change.

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Jeanine Qualls is a health educator based in Kansas City, Missouri.

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