90160823-e1368547734923Chantal Larsen

Working in Mexico, Missouri has been a real blessing for me! Opportunities like this don’t just come every day and I am so thankful for the privilege it’s been. Meeting Sarah and Tobias has been the greatest blessing to me. Getting to know them more and more, understanding their lives, and helping them has taught me a lot. It’s taught me especially that the Bible promises are truly meant for everyone, and I for one, need to learn them more! Doing this ministry has really shown me how rewarding Bible work can be. And how God can work through us, however unworthy we may be. I strongly believe that we need to be in the community more than we are spreading the good news of Jesus’s soon return.

Ean Weidner

Helping the church in Mexico, Missouri has really affected me in a big way. It has brought me even closer to God than just going to school here has. I have read my Bible more, and learned more about what we believe as Adventists. I have seen God work with people first hand, and it is amazing the change in them, by just doing Bible studies. I have loved it this whole time. And I wish I could be a part of it in the future.

Carlota Saez

Working in Mexico, Missouri has really made a great impact in my life. Being able to teach others about Christ and also being able to help them out through struggles they might be facing, has really affected me and pushed me to want to do more to help others. Seeing the smiles on people’s faces and the happiness in their eyes brings joy to my heart. I’ve seen God work through us, helping these people and the Mexico church. It’s also helped me build a closer relationship with God. I’ve really enjoyed working with the Mexico project and wish that I could do it more in the future. It’s also helped me be more open to other things, like Maga-booking. I hope this opportunity continues and that other students will gain as great of a blessing as I have in these last couple of months.

From Sunnydale Adventist Academy’s newsletter