We are excited to announce that Mrs. Carla Drake, preK-2nd grade teacher at St. Louis Unified School of Seventh-day Adventists, was one of the teachers in the North American Division selected to attend the sixth session of Excellence in STEM Experiential Education Conference held at Loma Linda University June 20-24.
EXCEED is an innovative and collaborative program designed to help teachers enhance the integrated science, technology, engineering and math education in Adventist K-12 schools. The goal of EXCEED is to collaboratively support and empower K-12 educators in STEM disciplines.

We want our scholars in Central States Conference to be excited and engaged when they study science, technology, engineering and math.

For the past few years we have emphasized high engagement and improvement in the teaching and learning process as it relates to math, science and technology. Drake is a passionate educator who is always looking for ways to enhance her teaching through the incorporation of best practices and engaging her students in many kinds of hands-on learning experiences.

We are happy she was selected for participation in this wonderful workshop and plans to share her experiences and what she learns with her fellow colleagues in educational ministry. Congratulations, Mrs. Drake!

Judith Mason is superintendent of education for the Central States Conference.