Spiritual slumber, have you experienced it?  It seems to me, and I am not judging, that most of us are spiritually sleeping.

Even after we commit our lives to Jesus, the danger of spiritual slumber is never far away.  Even though we have given our heart to Jesus it is still possible to be lulled back to sleep.  It’s like having narcolepsy and sleep walking through life. UGH  And yet we are still loved by Jesus but we are in need of being awakened.

How does it happen, I don’t think it happens suddenly.  Have you ever been driving down the interstate and start feeling a little sleepy?  Soon the little sleepy turns into the fact you can hardly keep you eyes open.  You feel like a cat on a sunny porch swing and finally your head nods.

I believe Satan puts some thoughts into our minds and pretty soon we are slipping into a spiritual slumber, a numbing of the heart and soon we can’t hear the sweet voice of Jesus.

I wear ear plugs at night, I won’t say why, but it makes things very quiet.  Last night I heard someone say, “What are you doing in bed, it’s time to get up?”  I quickly took out my ear plugs and the only other person in the room was fast asleep.  I was dreaming.  I know Jesus wants to call us just like that but we have to give him permission.

We’re asleep, Lord Jesus.  Wake us up!  Should be our prayer