I chose to combine my recent media fast with the joys of an extreme staycation—not only did I stay in my own town, I didn’t even leave my home! It seemed the best way, since the world beyond our homes is constantly bombarded by media.

Here are a few suggestions from my experience that anyone planning a home staycation and/or media fast may find helpful.

  1. Make a plan before hand to deal with anything that’s stressing you out, so when your big day (or week) comes you can reap the greatest benefits.
  1. Begin your staycation by taking care of the little things in life that are annoying you—burned out light bulbs, squeaky doors, etc.
  1. You will enjoy being at home more if you take a little time early on to de-clutter your nest. Organize, clean and “fluff.” Ignore Pinterest for now—just make what you have look nice.
  1. When you’re ready for a break, totally relax and enjoy the moment. Consciously put the pressures of tomorrow’s “must do” list on hold and be aware of messages coming to your five senses.
  1. This will lead to being creative. Arrange flowers. Make something beautiful or useful. Bake. Enjoy your favorite music.
  1. Spend a little time figuring out what energizes you. I’m an introvert, so having adequate time alone brings out my best. Additionally, the beauty of nature always restores my creativity.
  1. Make a blessings list. Focus on the positive in life today.

FullSizeRender (2) Bonus: For the ultimate benefit, take extra care of your body. Get additional exercise, sleep late or nap, enjoy a massage, eat “clean” (only real food just the way it grows). Find more suggestions here.


Slowing the hectic pace of our lives and consciously making time for things that we enjoy will go a long way toward relieving the pressures of daily life and helping us appreciate pleasures beyond today’s media blitz.