Wanted—your best sermons.

Ministers and graduate ministerial students in North America are invited to submit their best stewardship sermons. Up to ten outstanding sermons will be selected and awarded $1,000.00 each.

“We know there are many exceptional stewardship sermons and we would like to share them with other ministers and leaders throughout North America,” states John Mathews, Stewardship director for the North America Division (NAD). Stewardship is a central Biblical theme and faithful stewardship by members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church makes it possible for the church to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ.

The endeavor of obtaining quality stewardship sermons is a joint project of the NAD Stewardship and Ministerial departments. Ivan Williams, NAD Ministerial director explains why this division-wide effort is being made: “Ministers preach on many topics and each minister has particular areas of emphasis and study. We are asking those who have focused on stewardship to share their sermons so others can benefit.”

Tithe, offerings, theology of money, eschatology and money are just some of the stewardship topics on which sermons may focus. For additional suggestions and for details about this contest visit www.iGiveSDA.org/contest or www.nadministerial.com/contest. Also on these sites are important contest rules and submission information. Those interested in participating should review the rules before starting the project.

Ministers (active or retired) from the North American Division or graduate ministerial students (such as M.Div. or similar) studying in North American schools may participate. For additional information about this contest visit www.iGiveSDA.org/contest or www.nadministerial.com/contest or contact Lori Bryan at 301.680.6432, lori.bryan@nad.adventist.org.