Jesus prayed.

He prayed on behalf of others and on behalf of Himself.

I often wonder to myself whether or not people prayed for Jesus during his ministry on earth.

I imagine Jesus’ mother, Mary, whispering prayers over Him as He nursed as a baby, as He took His first steps.

I’m sure that day of tired travel when she and Joseph realized Jesus was not with them, there were many frantic prayers going up while they searched for Him–and then prayers of relief and thanksgiving when they found Him in the temple.

Before He entered into His ministry on earth, John the Baptist probably prayed for Jesus.

I think that Jesus’ disciples must have prayed for each other and for Jesus during their time together.

Scripture shows us that even the most successful and faithful ministers benefit from prayer.

So pray for your teachers, church leadership teams, pastors, conference leaders, communications leaders, and pray for yourself too. Pray for your own leadership in your home, church, and workplace.


Dear Heavenly Father, 

I’m blessed beyond measure to call you Father. I can rest in the assurance of Your return and in knowing Your Holy Spirit is here with me on earth. I thank You, Lord, for others You have placed in my life to help me and lead me. I ask that You bless those people. May any pain they experience in their bodies, minds, or families be transformed into comfort. May they have the financial security they need to complete their job and care for their precious families. Lord, whatever is needed, please make it available through Your fantastic Love. 

I ask that You give me understanding when my leaders disappoint me. Please put a will in me to help, to serve, to care, and to love. Soften my heart toward the leader that might have wronged me. Let forgiveness grow in my heart so I can forgive others as You forgive me. 

Help us, Lord, to all do better. Help us love and serve with Your heart. 

In Jesus’ Name I Pray for the leaders in my life, church, home, and country.