Katie Morrison, a junior business and communication student from Union College, completed a 10-week summer internship with the Rocky Mountain Communication Department on Aug. 6.

As part of her responsibilities, Katie wrote 20 major stories, edited the NewsNuggets newsletter, prepared items for the upcoming edition of the Mountain Views, assisted with social media and related online tasks, and was involved with marketing aspects of our communication programs.

“Katie has brought energy and an ability to help all of us look at things through different glasses,” said Ed Barnett, RMC president. “She gave things a different slant and used different words than those we had been used to, as she sees things through the eyes of a 21-year-old.”

Having been a communication intern in my professional past, I was delighted to be involved with someone who could be given a variety of tasks and watch the talents, skills and work ethic for which Katie will be remembered growing. Her internship also included assisting with news reporting at the General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas. It was a benefit to the North American Division, and the Mid-America Union Conference’s OUTLOOK news coverage to have the millennial set of eyes and an honest appraisal of what was said and done. From San Antonio, Katie’s articles from the General Conference Session were shared with the church around the globe.

Barnett added that it was “pleasing to hear our North American Division communication director tell Katie that ‘we will keep our eyes on you when you are ready to graduate from Union College.’ It was almost as if we watched a young college student come into her own this summer. Personally, I want to thank Katie for a job well done.”

On her last day at the office, Katie reminisced: “I remember how I felt at the beginning of the summer, nervous and unsure of how I would fit in, and now that I’ve reached my last day, I can’t imagine not coming into the office tomorrow and seeing the people who have taught me so much these last 10 weeks.”

Katie added that her summer, which looked so dismal and boring in May, turned out to be one of the most impactful experiences of her life. “I couldn’t be more grateful for what I’ve learned and the people that taught it to me,” she added.

Katie’s immediate plans are to travel to Italy and spend a year learning Italian at Istituto Avventista di Cultura Biblica Villa Aurora in Florence.