Gary Thurber, president of the Rocky Mountain Conference (RMC), announced yesterday that he has accepted a call to the Lake Union Conference in Berrien Springs, Michigan. On Wednesday, Oct. 9, the Lake Union Executive Committee voted to nominate Thurber as executive secretary of the Lake Union. Thurber will replace Rodney Grove who recently retired.

Thurber has served as RMC president since July 2009. During his tenure the conference has grown to more than 17,000 members. He has been instrumental in building a strong sense of unity and mission throughout the Conference.

“These have been some of our happiest and most fulfilling years in ministry,” said Thurber. “We have been so blessed to serve in the Rocky Mountain Conference, and will truly miss each and every one of you.”

Tom Lemon, president of the Mid-America Union said, “Gary has been a huge blessing to the RMC family. He will be sorely missed, and we wish him only the very best as he transitions to serve in the Lake Union.”

News writer Mark Bond is communication director for the Rocky Mountain Conference.