Rajmund Dabrowski has been elected Rocky Mountain Conference communication director. A veteran church communicator, Dabrowski will oversee communication activities of the RMC beginning March 1.

“We are excited to welcome Rajmund to the conference. His experience at the various church levels, including 16 years as the church’s director of communication at the General Conference, will expand our communication ministry and the visibility of our church,” said Ed Barnett, RMC president, following the Executive Committee vote on Feb. 17.

“We are looking forward to seeing Rajmund’s expertise further increase our communication services, contact with the churches and institutions, as well as increasing church awareness in the communities we serve,” Barnett added.

World Class Experience

Born in Poland, Dabrowski has over 40 years of communication experience on the union, division and world church levels. A professional journalist, he is a graduate of Newbold College in England and Andrews University, and served in the international structures of the Seventh-day Adventist Church since 1985. He also led in the publishing ministry of the church in Poland.

During his professional international church work, Dabrowski was instrumental in establishing Adventist News Network, the church’s news service, as well as the church’s corporate identity and logo. Before his retirement in 2013, Dabrowski was assistant to the president for marketing at the Lincoln, Nebraska-based Christian Record Services for the Blind.

“Communication was a part of my life for as long as I remember. Returning to a more structured communication service is exciting,” Dabrowski commented for the OUTLOOK. “There is so much we can do to recognize that every Seventh-day Adventist is a communicator.

We need to be visible, and we need to see each other as partners and ambassadors of the church we love.

“My new involvement will build on the service of others before me in the Rocky Mountain Conference.”

Former RMC communication director Mark Bond is now a free-lance writer and design living with his family in Walla Walla, Washington.

Rajmund and his wife, Grazyna, moved to Longmont, Colorado last year. Their son, Michal, lives in nearby Louisville.