“Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.” Matthew 24:44 KJV

I thought for sure I smelled spring in the air one day. All the snow was gone, temperatures were very bearable, and the trees looked like they were just about to sprout their little green leaf buds.

Then suddenly I started hearing talk about an approaching snowstorm. At first it was hard to believe the forecasters. Surely, it wouldn’t be as bad as they described it. A foot and a half of snow? Really?

Every time there’s a storm forecast though, I’ve noticed the stores in town become crowded with last-minute shoppers. For some reason they remind me of the Second Coming. People wait till the last minute to prepare for that event as well.

I have tried to take a look at some of the items that people have been drawn to when storms or disasters strike. Water seems to be the first commodity they reach for. But, how is water obtained on a spiritual level?

Jesus offered the Samaritan woman living water at the well. In the Bible, water has been identified with life. The laver in the tabernacle’s outer court illustrated how water cleanses us from sin. When that happens, we experience a new life, which is the beginning of eternal life and finds public expression at our baptism with water. Remember also that Jesus walked on water. He was the master of it. And finally in the midst of New Jerusalem is a river of life. See Revelation 21:6. Dying to sin every day and experiencing that new life daily will fortify us in the time of trouble.

Bread is another product that flies off the shelves in stores when people get ready for a disaster, or just a snowstorm. We see bread often described in the Bible as a symbol of Jesus too. At the last supper with Jesus and His disciples, He pointed out that the bread represented His broken body for us. His Word is said to be the Bread of Life. See John 6:35. We must let the Word nourish us now, so we will be strong enough for any trial sent our way.

And finally, we will see a mad dash for batteries and flashlights in the stores this week. People are concerned about being without light. Once again, Jesus describes Himself as the Light of the World. As His followers, we are to reflect His light, drawing others to His saving grace. See John 1:9. None need be in darkness in the presence of Jesus. The oil of His Holy Spirit is available to all who are waiting for the Bridegroom.

God’s formula for riding out any storm seems to be simple enough. We must be cleansed with the Water (repent and be cleansed), fed by the Bread (study the Scriptures), and then shine with His Light (witness to others). Let’s prepare now spiritually for the great Second Coming and all that goes with it, and beat the rush of last minute shoppers.