ubc780frontA typical New Year’s Eve is a party for many people. I put that way of life to bed a long time ago. But what else can you do on New Year’s Eve? I spent a few hours listening to the Police and Fire frequency on the internet. More exciting than you might think. I sure picked a good night for it.

Drunk and disorderly was common, men stumbling around, fights, domestic disturbances, people refusing to leave a business after being served, a long list. All the while, the police and medical personnel answered each call with grace and a good attitude. Some of the calls seemed pretty petty or ridiculous, but the police were going from house to house, business to business, stranded pedestrian to cars stuck in the ditch–lending a hand wherever they could.

I found myself praying for them as I listened to the scanner. I didn’t even realize I was praying, I was just saying a few words as a call would go out to an officer or medical folks for their safety and interaction with the public. Some people are pretty unpleasant to work with–some even violent. And the police and public servants seem to be the ones who meet up with them the most.

I think I know where I’ll be on future New Year’s Eves. Listening and praying. It may the most beneficial thing a Christian can do on this earth, to pray. I’m praying for a healthy and happy New Year, one that is drenched in God’s SonShine.