“Prayer is the breath of the soul. It is the secret of spiritual power. No other means of grace can be substituted, and the health of the soul be preserved. Prayer brings the heart into immediate contact with the well-spring of life…” (Ellen G. White, Gospel Workers, 254-255).

Prayer is the most powerful tool that we have as followers of Christ to help us through trying times. Prayer is also a powerful tool to allow us to praise God. Without prayer how could we commune with God?

Prayer is not always for us to ask God for something or tell of our needs and concerns. Prayers can be used to pray for others and thank God for all his wonderful blessings. Jesus is the channel that we go through in order to have our prayers heard and answered by God.

Throughout the Bible people prayed to God in times of distress, when they sinned and wanted repentance, and prayers of thankfulness.  They specifically thanked God for all that He had  brought them through and  offered prayers for the nations and safety from their enemies. Silent prayers along with prayers aloud were petitioned to God.

Once I realized the power of prayer and how it connects me with having a relationship with God, I made prayer a part of my lifestyle (I call it a prayer life). Prayer is first in my daily routine; without prayer, I could not handle the things that may occur during the day.  Putting God first and taking the time for prayer before I do anything has helped me in my Christian walk. I would rather be late for work, a meeting, a social gathering or any other activity than to miss Prayer and TAG time (TIME ALONE WITH GOD).  

God is still on the throne and He does answers and hear our prayers. Sometimes it is not when we want it but, He is never late, never early and always on time. I encourage you to re-evaluate your prayer life or begin one. Your life will change because mine sure has; and if God has changed my life through prayer He can do the same for you.

 I really believe that prayer not only changes things, it changes everything. So let’s pray about all things.

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