Nearly 16 months after breaking ground, Lincoln’s Piedmont Park Church members celebrated the Grand Opening of their new expansion.

During a special worship service the congregation enjoyed musical numbers, inspirational messages and special guests including Allen Myers, who pastored at Piedmont for 15 years; Michael Paradise, former youth pastor at Piedmont; and conference president Ron Carlson. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held in the new lobby, followed by a delicious dinner in the fellowship hall.

Current pastor, Michael Halfhill, encouraged those present to never be content with the past, but to always continue striving to share Jesus with one more person—and this is exactly what Piedmont Park plans to do.

After four years of planning, church members are thankful for this new space to utilize for extended community outreach and growing congregational needs. In a cooperative effort with the conference and area churches, Piedmont Park hosted God in Shoes in September, the first large outreach event held in the new expansion.

View photos of the construction process on Facebook.

Vanessa Schaecher is a communication correspondent for Piedmont Park Church in Lincoln, Nebraska.