The Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) took place on Sabbath afternoon, March 16, at the College View Seventh-day Adventist Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. Teams from across the Mid-America Union territory gathered for the event. Initial concerns about fewer teams qualifying due to the challenging featured books, Joshua and Judges, proved unfounded, as more teams participated this year compared to last. A total of 23 teams successfully advanced from their area and conference testing to compete at the Union level. Each of the six conferences was well represented, with at least one team competing at the Union level. Following the testing, each conference had one or more teams progressing to the division level testing scheduled for April 20th in Greeley, Colorado.

Remarkably, over 50% of the participating teams earned a first place award.

Notably, the Minnesota Conference achieved exceptional success, with all six of its teams securing a first place finish.

The teams advancing to division level in April are:

  • Central States: The Mountain Experience- Wise Believers
  • Dakota: Cleveland SDA Church- Cleveland Prairie Trails
  • Iowa-Missouri: Ankeny SDA Church- Ankeny Son-Seekers
  • Iowa-Missouri: Poplar Bluff/ Gallatin-Trenton- The Mighty Gatekeepers
  • Kansas-Nebraska: College View Church- College View Trailblazes
  • Rocky Mountain: Campion- Loveland Cougars
  • Minnesota: Faith Church International- Faith Warriors
  • Minnesota: Kenyan Community- Heaven’s Crew
  • Minnesota: Ramsey- Light Of The World
  • Minnesota: SE Minnesota- Rangers
  • Minnesota: Southview SDA Church- Southview Sabers (Spears)
  • Minnesota: Southview SDA Church- Southview Sabers (Flame)

The accomplishments of these teams underscore the dedication and commitment of Pathfinders to the study of the Word of God.

Pastor Tyrone Douglas, who serves as the Youth & Young Adult director for the Union, in a brief devotional underscored the significance of adhering to Jesus’ counsel in John 6:53, which urges the daily consumption of the word of God, akin to our daily meals. The analogy drawn between physical sustenance from meals and spiritual sustenance from the word of God emphasizes the vital role of scripture in nourishing and fostering spiritual life. Celeste, from Campion church, Loveland Cougars Rocky Mountain Conference stated

what I appreciate most about PBE is being able to see different things in the books of Joshua and Judges that I’ve not seen before and to learn more about God.

Special Thanks to Union PBE planning committee, led by Alicia Spaid, as well as the incredible group ofMid-America Union PBE committed volunteers who contribute to the success of the PBE program. Their efforts undoubtedly enhance the experience for the youth involved, ensuring they have a rewarding and enriching experience. Regular meetings and ongoing efforts to improve the program demonstrate a strong commitment to providing the best possible opportunities for Pathfinders. Such dedication from both organizers and volunteers is truly commendable and essential for the success and growth of PBE around Mid-America Union.

To see pictures from this year’s event you can visit the Mid-America Union Flickr site.

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Written by Elder Tyron Douglas, church ministries and youth and young adult director, Mid-America Union Conference