So you have something to say . . .

We want to hear your story. We also know that pitching a story is easier said than done. Most of us have something to say, but find it difficult to put it down in writing. So, if you want to pitch a story (and please do!), here are some things to keep in mind:

OUTLOOK focuses on true stories that convey a spiritual meaning. This does not have to mean religious, per se, but we want to know how your story or experience enhanced or was affected by your spirituality.

Aim to provoke thought and dialogue, not just reaction. Spirituality can cover many difficult issues, often controversial or—at best—uncomfortable. It can be easy to preach or stir feelings. More importantly, though, we want to provide routes into issues that grab attention and start fruitful conversations. A focused piece can build a foundation for constructive thought—even when the issue can be touchy.

Once you have your pitch ready, shoot us an email with your pitch in the email body, your contact information and a short bio. Keep your pitch to 250 words or fewer. Include the target word length. Below, you can see our publishing standards, or what we adhere to when publishing; please use these to mold your pitch.

We’ll contact you if we want to move forward with your pitch. We’re always reading, and we would be happy to advise you in creating stronger pitches. Feel free to follow-up with us if you haven’t heard back.

For OUTLOOK Online Edition:


Please send Mid-America news stories and photos directly to the editor. News items should promote upcoming events or report on recent events/activities (no more than two weeks ago).


Articles on any topic relevant to our readers may be submitted to the editor. Popular types of articles include How-to Instructions, Case Studies (stories with a point), Personal Interviews, and Reviews of Outstanding Resources. We are especially interested in articles that examine recent events with a spiritual perspective.

Articles should be a minimum of 250 words. No maximum—just  write enough to comprehensively cover your topic, then stop.

Please include a carefully chosen title (under 40 characters), brief author bio, and captions and photographer credits for any photos you submit. OUTLOOK will pay a nominal rate for articles of 650 words or more that are accepted for publication.


OUTLOOK Online retains a diverse team of selected bloggers. If you are interested in writing for OUTLOOK on a regular basis, please contact the editor.

For OUTLOOK  Print Edition:


News stories, along with quality photos, should be submitted directly to your conference communication director by your church’s designated spokesperson.


The OUTLOOK editorial staff selects themes for each issue one year in advance, in consultation with Mid-America Union administrators. Topics for feature stories should coincide with these themes.

Feature stories are written in a warmer style than news stories. They should inspire readers by showing how other Adventists in Mid-America are fulfilling God’s purposes.

Word Requirement: Approximately 450–600 words for one page or 1,000 for a spread

Photo Requirement: 3-4 high resolution images (300 dpi in JPG or TIFF format)

Photo Captions: Use full sentences to explain activities and identify individuals from left to right with first and last names. Also include photographer credit.

Submission: Send feature articles directly to the OUTLOOK editor at least eight weeks before issue date so they can be reviewed and considered for publication. Also include a brief author bio.