The annual celebration of International Sabbath at Omaha Memorial Church recognizes the rich cultural tapestry represented within our church. This year Pathfinders marched in displaying over 37 countries’ national flags. Members wore beautiful native dress in fabrics and designs straight from the countries of origin.

Pastor Delmar Austin wore custom-made Nigerian attire given to him from some of his previous church members. Assistant pastor Greg Bullion and his wife, Jen, from the Philippines, with their toddler, Pearl, participated in the multi-cultural display as well. Delicious international cuisine gave a wonderful opportunity to literally taste the flavors of the countries represented this Sabbath.

Omaha Memorial claims each and every member of all the 37 countries as a family of brothers and sisters in Christ working together to share the good news of Jesus’ soon return.

“Our purpose in celebrating International Sabbath is to affirm the diversity of our church and to remind us of our worldwide emphasis and mission,” said Pastor Austin. “Recognizing the different cultural groups in our church helps us to see a bigger vision of reaching every ‘nation, tribe, tongue, and people.’”

Debra Dehning is a member of the Omaha Memorial Church.