There’s a story unfolding within the walls of Omaha Memorial Adventist School, a tale of transformation, resilience and a shared commitment to nurturing young minds. “You can place a group of people in a boat, and it will drift to somewhere,” says Michael Hoyt, chairman of the OMAS School Board. “If you give those same people oars and a destination, they will make waves. OMAS has placed a firm grip on its oars.  Watch for the waves!” That’s precisely what’s happening at OMAS—a tale of collective effort and focused direction.

Marilyn Caughlin, a member of the OMAS community, resonates with passion:

“We’re a tight-knit family of educators, staff, parents and church, all dedicated to fostering our students’ faith.”

This shared dedication has sparked a sense of unity driving the school’s resurgence.

The school’s halls now echo with more laughter and bustling energy. Chad Dungan, OMAS lead teacher, smiles as he shares that “Student enrollment has surged from a modest 21 to a vibrant 33. This isn’t just a statistic; it’s a testament to the growing faith and trust the community has in OMAS’s transformative journey.”

Over the summer, the school underwent a metamorphosis. Its facilities were remodeled, marking the commencement of a three-stage evolution. These changes weren’t merely cosmetic; they were a dedication to creating an environment conducive to holistic growth and learning.

Integral to this revival is the presence and support of the Omaha Memorial Church members and leadership.

Their involvement underscores a deeper commitment to not just education but also the spiritual well-being of each student. This spiritual touch infuses the learning environment with warmth and guidance.

In the midst of this transformation, first grade student Sebastian’s heartfelt sentiment adds a touch of innocence and joy to the narrative “I love my school. It is fun and even smells great.” It’s a simple yet profound acknowledgment of the joy and care that the school brings to its students – a place that’s not just about learning but about showing our children that they belong, and they are deeply loved.

Kansas-Nebraska Conference education superintendent Dr. Jeff Bovee’s words encapsulate the essence of OMAS’s transformation:

“OMAS has become a mission-driven school.”

The decisions, and actions at OMAS are not just about education but are guided by a profound sense of purpose.

This year Ana Chong and Janette Lopez joined our team and we are currently operating at full capacity. OMAS is placing its trust in God and His guidance. The school board has made the decision to create a new full-time position and is considering becoming a junior academy soon. It’s an emblem of the institution’s commitment to welcoming and supporting an expanding community of students and families.

This is a story of change, not just in structures but in mindset and approach. OMAS’s revitalization isn’t just about numbers; it’s a story of people – teachers, staff, volunteers, parents, and students – coming together to craft an environment where holistic growth can take place.

The school stands as a symbol of hope and inspiration, reaching beyond its walls and setting an example for other institutions. It’s a beacon of purposeful education guided by human dedication and dependance in the steadfast influence of the Holy Spirit.


In essence, Omaha Memorial School is writing a story of rediscovery – embracing growth and change while anchoring itself in trust, faith. and a shared journey toward nurturing young hearts and minds. Join us! 

Sandro D Sandoval is lead pastor for the Omaha Memorial Church.