Happy October! This month tops all others for Wikipedia’s list of items demanding our attention—barely beating out September.

The month of December has only one item listed of which we should be aware: date rape. Hmmm. A statement about our holiday parties? January has a mere two, so I guess the season really wipes us out.

Here’s the list of things to learn about/do this month, just in case you have extra time on your hands:

Down Syndrome Awareness

National Dyslexia Awareness

American Archives

Italian History

Domestic Violence Awareness

National Book

National Work and Family

National Breast Cancer Awareness

National Disability Employment Awareness

National Cyber Security Awareness

Filipino American History

LGBT History

National Bullying Prevention

Polish American Heritage

National Domestic Violence Awareness

Spina Bifida Awareness

Pregnancy/Infant Loss Awareness

Pastors Appreciation

And evidently there are a few new ones: Vegetarian Awareness, Homemade Cookies, Adopt a Shelter Dog, Popcorn. That brings the total to 23. Enjoy!