One of the fastest-growing Hispanic congregations in the Rocky Mountain Conference, Nueva Esperanza—or New Hope—began as a plant project under Aurora Hispanic Church. Several families joined the then pastor of the church plant, Frank Wilson, in accepting the call to spread the gospel to the Aurora area. On Sabbath, Aug. 25, this growing company officially became an organized church.

With nearly 150 people in attendance for the celebration, Pastor Eric Nelson, RMC vice president for administration, gave the message, encouraging members to trust in the Lord as their provider. Former pastor Cesar Pompa challenged church leaders to serve faithfully; Ruben Rivera, director of Hispanic ministries for RMC, affirmed church members by reviewing the fundamental doctrines; and current pastor Juan Estrada shared significant moments in the history of the church, including challenges they’ve faced.

“Pastor Estrada is giving good leadership and direction to the church along with strong lay leaders who are energetic in sharing their faith and giving Bible studies,” said Nelson.

One member, Noemi Borjon, serves as Pathfinder director, membership clerk, and secretary for the now-
official church and recently joined the Human Resources department at Rocky Mountain Conference.

Originally called Maranatha Hispanic, the church is now known as Nueva Esperanza Church. Nearly 75 people, including children, attend Nueva Esperanza each week. During fellowship lunch, church elder Heriberto Martinez said, “It’s a miracle to see how this church is growing each year.”

Photo: Jerene Nelson

Rueben Rivera is director of Hispanic Ministries for the Rocky Mountain Conference.