The Northside Church recently hosted an emotional wellness weekend, coordinated by Health Ministry leader, Romalyn Earvin. The theme for this power-packed weekend was Just Because I Look Ok, Doesn’t Mean I Am. Pastor Cedric Belcher kicked off the events on Friday evening with an enlightening sermonette titled Smiling Faces, Bleeding Hearts. The church was challenged by Pastor Belcher’s charge to provide a safe haven for fellow members who are hurting emotionally. The message prompted deep discussion exploring various approaches of healing that would encourage and protect parishioners seeking support.

The next day, Belcher presented a gripping sermon titled Somebody Dropped Me. The message helped individuals deal with emotional scars caused by those in the past who failed to be loving caregivers. He used the story of Mephibosheth in 2 Sam. 9 as the basis for his sermon. The following three points were highlighted:

  1. You cannot be who you are supposed to be until you let go of who you used to be.
  2. Sitting at the King’s table may change your position but not necessarily your condition.
  3. No matter how crippled you may be emotionally, there is a King who is looking for you.

Dr. Sonya Belcher ended the emotional wellness weekend by reminding us that what we see on the outside doesn’t always reflect the inner turmoil. The riveting account of her presentation debunked myths about going to a counselor as well as myths regarding the counseling profession in general.

The emotional wellness weekend was impactful, humbling and spirit filled. “I hope the program removed negative feelings toward seeking professional counseling and eventually removes the stigma associated with it,” says Earvin.

The Northside Church would like to thank the Health Ministry team for allowing God to inspire them to choose emotional wellness as this year’s theme. We are also thankful for their inspiration to select the powerful husband/wife team: our own Pastor Cedric and Dr. Sonya Belcher.

Lynnette Williamson is communication coordinator for Northside Church.