Karina and Erick were invited to a Bible study group. The Chavez family of the Wichita West Spanish Church had started a small group and asked several people to attend. The group met every Friday night, rotating through the group members’ houses. The goal was simple: study the Bible and learn together. Karina spoke with Erick, her husband, and they both decided to attend to see what it was about. After all, they both believed in God and knew that the Bible talks about God, so studying the Bible in more depth was fine.

After several months of study and prayer, the moment of decision came. Encouraged by the Chavez family, they decided it was time to start attending church with their children, Erick Jr. and Victoria. Months passed, and every Saturday, they enjoyed what they learned. The truth was growing in them, and finally they were baptized.

While attending church, they learned that the Wichita West Spanish Church was not just a single church, but that it is part of an organization, a larger body, and that in Wichita there are more churches of the same faith and also two schools for their children. Although of Hispanic roots, Karina and Erick speak perfect English–perhaps better than Spanish—so they began visiting a different church every Saturday. After analyzing the distances of each one from their home and seeing how the service is conducted, they decided to attend the Wichita South Adventist Church. Karina and Erick believed that it was the best place to invite their friends since they all speak English, and it is also a good place for their children.

Recently I had the privilege of preaching every night and Saturday morning at the Wichita West Hispanic Church. Karina and Erick attended allthe services with their children, along with the Chavez brothers and members of their small group. Members of the group said, “They are ours, but they are on loan from the church in the South.” And then they added: “We are happy that in the Wichita South church they are received with affection and treated with love.”

Perhaps the church you attend has Hispanic members or members of other cultural groups who have chosen to attend your church. It means that they chose you as a “brother in faith” to love you and be loved. Isn’t this extraordinary?

John 4:36 says, “The harvesters are paid good wages, and the fruit they harvest is people brought to eternal life. What joy awaits both the planter and the harvester alike!”

Yes. It is the greatest joy: to be able to see the fruit of eternal life. And the joy is so great that no one is left out: the one who sowed and the one who reaped enjoy equally.