La Vida Mission is tucked into the southeast tip of the Mid-America Union—New Mexico’s San Juan County. It is a school for Navajo children and an outreach to their families.

I hoped to visit La Vida Mission (LVM) throughout my seven years as OUTLOOK editor. Finally that opportunity came in October. What a joy it was to meet Delores Bentley, the director, and her husband Larry, onsite project coordinator. I took a little iPhone video and posted it on in which Delores shares her testimony and her vision for La Vida.

I also met Dorie Panganiban, office manager, and her husband Polly. Together they serve as church and community outreach coordinators for LVM. Although the campus has a little chapel, Native Americans are understandably reluctant to venture inside a church building—given their history of oppression under the sign of the cross. So the Panganibans open their home and have church there. A houseful of Navajo neighbors meet Friday evenings to sing, study, pray, eat and fellowship together. I was amazed at what God is doing.

Recently LVM began another home church in Crownpoint, New Mexico, 33 miles south of La Vida. Following is Dorie’s testimony of how their ministry has developed.

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