The much-anticipated Minnesota Conference Camp Meeting, themed “Incorruptible,” brought together members from near and far to Maplewood Academy for a week of inspiring programs, engaging activities and heartfelt fellowship on June 6-10 . After a year of challenges and prayer, this year’s event exceeded expectations as attendance soared, rekindling hope and unity.

Last year’s camp meeting showcased the unwavering spirit of the Minnesota Conference, despite lower-than-anticipated attendance. However, this year, prayers were answered as interest and participation surged, with attendance returning to pre-pandemic numbers.

The event kicked off with the dynamic presence of President Jeff Scoggins setting the stage for an extraordinary week ahead. Attendees were captivated by plenary sessions led by Pastor Shawn Boonstra, and children enjoyed a range of age-appropriate activities, including crafts, swimming and community service projects.

The highlight of the camp meeting arrived on Saturday, June 10, when approximately 1,500 people gathered for a day of worship and fellowship. As attendees congregated for the much-anticipated potluck lunch, the campus came alive with laughter and conversation. People sat around picnic tables, on blankets, and under the shade of trees, sharing meals and reconnecting with fellow believers. It was a heartwarming scene that reflected the long-awaited return to a sense of togetherness and community.

The day continued with a special concert by Laura Williams, filling the air with melodious tunes that resonated with attendees’ spirits. The event culminated in a memorable dedicatory service for Scoggins, where Gary Thurber, president of the Mid-America Union, offered a heartfelt prayer of dedication. The success of the 2023 camp meeting went beyond increased attendance, reaffirming the unwavering faith, unity and rejoicing of the Minnesota Conference community after the challenges of the past year. Comments from attendees showed event organizers that participants were leaving with renewed spirits, strengthened connections and a shared commitment to faith and community.