The latest American College Testing report shows that for the last five years Midland Adventist Academy students have consistently tested well above state and national averages and are prepared for college in all testing categories.

For the past four years Midland seniors have averaged 25.7 on the ACT while the national average is between 20.0 and 21.0. Students who attended Midland for all four years of high school averaged 27.0 and those attending all 13 years averaged 28.4.

When asked how a small school in Kansas can have stellar test scores for so many consecutive years, we point first to the God factor. Each class period begins with prayer time and often a short devotional thought. Students are reminded throughout the day of God’s presence in our school, and that our mission is Teaching Minds, Touching Hearts, Training Hands for Jesus. At every grade level, elementary through high school, teachers can be found working one-on-one with students during study hall or after school. Our goal is teaching for mastery of skills, providing students with a solid foundation for future learning.

During the last two years multiple Midland students have earned full-tuition scholarships through the current Adventist Colleges and Universities scholarship packages, and there has been a National Merit Commended Scholar each year for the past four years.

We are proud of our academics, and we make no apologies for being a uniquely Seventh-day Adventist school. Each student is part of our family. Our staff takes pride in knowing the name of each student, parent and even younger siblings. We pray for students and their families by name each morning during staff worship.

Parent and student surveys express a feeling of safety at Midland and indicate that our students know their teachers care about them in many ways. The focus on God, the feeling of family, and strong academic classes all enable a small school like Midland to produce students who are well equipped for their futures.

Darlene Fairchild serves as registrar at Midland Adventist Academy in Shawnee, Kansas.