With graduation weekend a week away at Union College, a sudden burst of sad and unsettling news has come. After 13 years of excellent and heartfelt service, Dr. David Smith is leaving his post as college president. He will become senior pastor of the large Collegedale Adventist Church in Tennessee. His wife, Cherie, has also been invited to serve on the pastoral staff.

On Friday, May 6, the Union College board will pay tribute to Dr. and Mrs. Smith—recognition much deserved since so much of what Mid-America Adventists appreciate about Union College has resulted from the blessing of the Lord working through Smith’s leadership.

The Mid-America Union family wishes Dave and Cherie the continued blessings of heaven upon their ongoing ministry as they wrap up this school year here in Lincoln, and then transition over the summer to their new challenge.

Union College has an unofficial process in place for selecting its new president. According to the provisions of that protocol, that name will be announced after prospective candidates have been narrowed down to the chosen individual.

Meanwhile, I urge all Mid-America Adventists to keep the Smiths in prayer, since transitions are never easy. At the same time your prayers for the search process will be immensely important as we go forward.

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Thomas L. Lemon is president of the Mid-America Union and also chairman of the board of Union College.