On Sabbath, Feb. 22, nearly 100 Pathfinders from every state in the Mid-America Union converged at the College View Church in Lincoln, Nebraska for the annual Union Level Pathfinder Bible Experience. This year’s PBE study covers the Gospel of Matthew.

After all the scores were tallied 13 teams received first place awards, qualifying them to participate in the North American Division Level PBE to be held April 18 in Keene, Texas.

Travis Sager, youth director for the Kansas-Nebraska Conference and event coordinator, said that the Mid-America Union made the switch from “Bible Bowl” to the “Pathfinder Bible Experience” the first year PBE came out, which was 2011. “We only had seven teams advance to the Union Level that first year,” Sager said. “It has been rewarding to see the Pathfinders adjust so well from a system of multiple choice to one that is short answer.”

Sager also explained the new timing rules instituted this year. Previously, teams had 10 seconds to answer questions, but could ask for an extension if needed. Under the new timing rules, the time allotted is related directly to how many points the question is worth. For example, a one-point question is allowed 25 seconds; every additional point adds five seconds of time.

“We pray that our Pathfinders learn the Bible not only for a test, but that they apply it to the ultimate test of daily life and find a friend and Savior in Jesus Christ,” Sager added.

For more information on Pathfinder Bible Experience, visit www.pathfindersonline.org/pbe.