“The once-every-six-years North American Division Teachers’ Convention is a vital piece in the ongoing quest for excellence in education in our division generally and more specifically in the Mid-America Union,” stated Tom Lemon, Mid-America Union Conference president, during the convention. “It is very easy to think of our educational work in very local context. While all of our schools are of course local, when 6,000 teachers come together it is easier to understand the strength that comes with our overall system.”

“We had approximately 310 people from the Mid-America Union in attendance,” said H. John Kriegelstein, Mid-America Union Conference director of education. “The vast majority are teachers or school administrators, but this also included recent teacher retirees, 20 Union College students, four Union College faculty, and a number of Mid-America Union and conference administrators.” They joined more than 6,500 Seventh-day Adventist teachers representing 15 countries at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee, August 5-8. This was the third Convention held in the past 18 years.

Kriegelstein added that Mid-America Union administration has realized the importance and high value of the convention experience and has made it a priority in budgeting each year so that the attendance of Mid-America Union teachers is assured.

“Mid-America Union teachers are among the finest anywhere,” Lemon stated. “We are delighted to see them taking advantage of this continuing education opportunity and know the benefit will certainly accrue to their classrooms.”

Attendees had ample opportunity to be infused spiritually as well as academically with three morning worships, three general sessions, two evening programs, more than 550 breakout sessions, and a closing commitment service.

The Mid-America Union operates a system of more than 85 elementary and secondary schools and one college throughout its nine-state area.

Author Tamara Michalenko Terry is a freelance writer and graphic designer. She has previously been on the staff and written for the Atlantic Union Gleaner, Columbia Union Visitor, and the Pacific Union Recorder

Photo Caption: Lonnie Hetterle (left),Rocky Mountain Conference vice president for Education, visits with Davin Hammond, principal of HMS Richards SDA School in Loveland, and Steve Eichmann, Campion Academy teacher. Networking with fellow teachers, students, administrators and friends is a big bonus of attending the convention.

Photo Credit: Eric Nelson

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