On July 9-10 the Mid-America Union Education Council met in San Antonio, Texas. This council is composed of conference superintendents, associates, academy principals, large junior academy and elementary principals, and other educators throughout Mid-America.

This committee has several functions: receive reports and recommendations; study educational issues, trends, pilot programs, and innovative practices which affect the educational program; initiate, review and revise policies and proposals; and submit recommendations to the MAUC office of education and Mid-America Union board of education. The council meets twice a year in February and July.

Some of the items this summer’s education council reviewed were:

  • Mid-America education calendar including plans for the secondary leadership conference in September which will provide our schools’ secondary leaders with skills for success throughout the coming year
  • Reports on the adoption of a new Bible and inquiry learning based Encounter curriculum for elementary and secondary
  • 9th graders adopting the program this year as part of a four-year secondary roll-out
  • Elementary adopting the program for the 2017-2018 school year
  • Junior academy applications to teach secondary subjects approved
  • Mile High Academy update on their pilot adoption of a trimester program in the secondary and how they are working to implement strategies to prepare students for learning in the 21st century

One of the highlights was participating in the final weekend of the General Conference Session.

LouAnn Howard is associate education director for the Mid-America Union Conference.