My name is Mary Humphrey. My mother died from having me and my twin sister. We were adopted by a Seventh-day Adventist woman who had come into the hospital

 looking to adopt a child, being that she was not able to have children. She raised us in the Seventh-day Adventist church.

Years later, I joined the church and was baptized. My interest in becoming a Bible worker came about because of a Bible instructor named Jacci Dye. She taught me how to be a Bible worker. I later felt impressed to become a literature evangelist and district leader for the Central States Conference. I was reaching souls and going door-to-door, placing books in homes and going to church on Sabbath.

As a Bible worker I had an opportunity to make a difference. I was able to bring many people into the church throughout the years through various revival events. About six years ago, I had an opportunity to meet Pastor Joseph Ikner and became a Bible worker at the Linwood Boulevard Seventh-day Adventist Church. Through the leadership and evangelistic focus of Pastor Ikner, the Lord has blessed our church tremendously. I have, under his instruction, brought new believers to Christ and into the church. When the COVID-19 pandemic started, Pastor Ikner instructed me to start calling people on the phone to give Bible studies. That experience has been a tremendous blessing to our church as we are now in this post-covid season.

The Lord has blessed our ministry to be continuously bringing souls into the church, and Pastor Ikner baptizes them. It has also been a blessing to know that the Lord is coming soon to bring His church home to live with Him forever.