Dustin Comm, whose eBook The Media Story: Why Your Church Needs Media to Engage Your Local Community was released in October, says stories are all around us. His compendium shows how to use media and aims to engage local congregations in telling stories of their faith community in order to inspire and to witness.

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Comm, who lives in Castle Rock, Colorado and attends Denver’s LifeSource Adventist Fellowship, graduated from Pacific Union College with degrees in theology, and television and film production. He then served in Calimesa, California, as a pastor for media and youth ministry.

“Knowing that often times church media folks may never get media experience outside the church, I decided that I need to gain real-world media experience and took an opportunity in broadcast radio at Mile High Sports Radio (AM 1510 | FM 93.7) in Denver, Colorado as a producer/host,” Comm said.

Early in 2015 after a year of prayer and soul-searching for where God wanted him next, Dustin recognized that God was calling him to combine his passions of ministry and media moving forward. “In my research and study, it became clear that the church was missing a huge opportunity to engage its local communities at a deeper level by infusing media into their long-term outreach campaigns,” he said. “My passion is to help churches understand why and how to integrate media into their outreach.”

The Media Story was released on Amazon for its Kindle platform and the iBooks store.

Rajmund Dabrowski is communication director for the Rocky Mountain Conference.