On March 23, 2024, New Haven Commons in Overland Park, Kansa, was filled with celebration and solemnity for the ordination of Pastor Kyle and his wife Annie Smith. The event encapsulated a journey of faith and dedication, highlighted by moments of spiritual reflection.

Pastor Kyle has touched many through his commitment to ministry, shaped significantly by his upbringing in St. Louis by his mother, Tricia. His response to the call of service has been shaped by years of academic and practical preparation, culminating in his ordination.

The ordination was marked by three significant moments: the message by Japhet De Oliveira, the ordination prayer by Ron Carlson, and the charge by Virgil Covel. De Oliveira’s message, “And He had to Pass Through Samaria,” provided a profound biblical reflection that set the tone for the spiritual responsibilities Pastor Kyle is embracing.

Following this, all pastors in attendance were invited to come forward and place their hands over Kyle and Annie for the ordination prayer, which was led by conference president Ron Carlson.

The ordination ceremony not only affirmed Pastor Kyle’s role within the church but also celebrated the path he has walked so far. As the congregation joined in song and later gathered in the Commons lounge for a reception, there was a sense of joy and celebration for Kyle and Annie Smith’s ministry thus far.