A few years ago a pastoral vacancy opened at Northside Church in St. Louis. God provided the right man for the job, Pastor Bryan W. Mann.

Like faithful Timothy in the New Testament, Pastor Mann’s agenda isn’t about position, prosperity or popularity. He cares about the wellbeing of God’s people, declaring: “I desire to have a relationship with all my members—it’s not enough to know their names.”

Just ask Northside members who received a visit from their pastor during their emergencies. And if Pastor Mann knows about a need, he’ll be there. A family who received diapers when they had none will testify to that.

Northside member Roderick Hogan said, “I appreciate every moment this pastor has been here. When I had surgery, he was there before I went into the operating room; he was there while I was in recovery and while I was in the intensive care unit. He is a great father figure in my life.”

Mann’s own daughters describe him as loving, dependable, God-fearing and full of wisdom. No wonder Northside members believe that he is truly the right Mann to be their pastor.

Author Jimella Jones is communication director for the Northside Church in St. Louis, Missouri.