The Jordan Crossing church plant in West Des Moines, Iowa recently celebrated their first baptism. Brian Tice publicly committed his life to Jesus on July 6, becoming the first new member to be baptized into fellowship with the Jordan Crossing group.

Native to Urbandale, Iowa, Brian often visits his family in Charles City. Little did he know that one such trip would initiate a journey toward renewing his relationship with Christ. During one of Brian’s visits his father, David, felt compelled to invite his son to a prophecy seminar being held in the area. Though Brian had been a consistent attender of a Sunday-keeping church, his yearning for more from the Bible and a stronger relationship with Jesus inspired him to accept the invitation.

One meeting was all Brian could attend at that time, but it was enough to create a new spark in his spiritual life. Brian said he was able to learn more about the Bible in that one hour than he ever had before.

Following this experience, David introduced Brian to Rob Alfalah, pastor of the Jordan Crossing group, which is conveniently located only a few miles from Brian’s home. Rob invited Brian to the Prophecy Awakens Bible prophecy seminar that the Jordan Crossing group would be hosting in just a few weeks. Excited by the opportunity and passionate to continue learning, Brian attended almost every night of the seminar.

Shortly after, Brian decided to attend the weekly follow-up Bible studies, reviewing material covered during the Prophecy Awakens meetings. Being daily rejuvenated by the Holy Spirit, Brian signed up for the Delve Deeper class at Jordan Crossing led by Pastor Rob that covered Daniel and Revelation. The more he immersed himself in the Bible, the more things Brian comprehended that had never clicked before. “It was like light bulbs went off in my head,” he recalled. “The Bible made perfect sense.”

That’s when Brian made the decision to be baptized into the Jordan Crossing church family. “Going through the studies, I wanted to be closer to Jesus and that was the next step in my life—to be baptized,” said Brian. “I wanted to do it as soon as possible.” Members of his family attended his baptism including his parents, two daughters, sister and nephews.

“I will most remember Brian’s personal testimony,” said Pastor Rob. “It was very Christ-centered. He definitely appreciated learning the biblical truths that had been obscured for so long, but his main appreciation was how those biblical truths focused on Christ and strengthened Brian’s relationship with his Savior.”


Author Brianna Schenkelberg is a member of the Des Moines Church.