The prayer room in the Alamodome was overflowing this morning with people of all ages, nationalities and languages gathering to bow in earnest supplication for the presence of God as the fifth day of church business convened in San Antonio.

Brother Ril is serving as one of the volunteers to welcome guests, explain the setup of the room and offer to pray with anyone who wishes. “People are streaming here every day to ask for God’s will to be done and for unity among the members of our church,” he said. “This is not a place for political debates—we are praying only for the will of God to be accomplished and for unity among all members. The Spirit unites us.”

Many countries, same God

Ril explained that the room is separated into two sections, allowing for public prayers and private prayers. Every hour between 8 am and 8 pm there is a new prayer session being led in the public section by a volunteer that includes reading Scripture verses, singing and short group prayers for the delegates, leaders, ministries and special requests guests bring.

“Yesterday a man requested prayer for relief from his physical pain, and later he returned several times to give thanks that although he was not completely healed he was experiencing significant reduction of the pain,” Ril said.

Another volunteer, Gem Castor (an itinerant missionary from the Philippines), reported that yesterday the room was filled with individuals praying for unreached people groups and cities in the 10/40 window listed on large banners covering two walls in the room.

Our focus is on God, His Word and the Spirit filling our hearts to work in unity to fulfill our mission.

A box on a nearby table was brimming with prayer requests written on the cards provided. “We will pray for all of these,” Castor said.

Ril added that many pastors and their families are bringing very serious requests. “They will afterward be sent to the General Conference for more prayer,” Castor said.

“God really is here”

Joyce Mulligan, Prayer Ministries director for the Central California Conference, said that she had enjoyed a beautiful time of prayer with ladies she just met from England and Papua, New Guinea. “It was very emotional,” she said. “Really a God thing.”

A number of in-depth prayer seminars are also being offered in the Convention Center during lunch and supper breaks. Featured speakers include Esther Knott, Dan Augsberger, Frank Hasel, Karen Martell, Sasha Ross and Ruthie Jacobsen. These seminars will continue through Friday, July 10.

Photo credit: Steve Norman III, NAD