There are all manner of electronic devices being used today such as laptops, smart phones, watches, etc. The string that connects them all is the constant need for such devices to be constantly updated. These updates keep those devices running in optimal condition and guarantee longevity. This is just one of the principals brought by Pedro and Cecilia Iglesias, Family Life directors at the InterAmerican Division and presenters for the Hispanic Couple’s Retreat held Dec. 2-4, 2022.

Over 60 couples from the Kansas-Nebraska Conference came together for a weekend of learning how to “Update Your Marriage” and to spend time together as a couple. All throughout the weekend the Iglesias shared foundational concepts on updating and upgrading your marriage. They brought not only their personal experiences and testimonies but also presented research studies and resources that brought new perspective to many couples.

Along with captivating presentations, there was time for couples to spend some free time on Sabbath afternoon and to also enjoy a very special Saturday night dinner with their spouse. This retreat’s purpose was not only to present seminars but also to provide couples with the opportunity to spend quality time together, since that can be challenging on a normal basis.

The weekend ended not only with a special prayer of blessing over each couple but also with a special lunch at a local restaurant which was greatly enjoyed. Many couples expressed that the most important thing they learned was to be consistent and intentional about keeping their marriages “updated,” especially through the different seasons of life. Alejandro Dovald, Hispanic coordinator, challenged every couple to continue making every effort to grow together as a couple and to encourage others to invest in their marriage by coming to next year’s retreat scheduled for Dec. 1-3, 2023.