There’s much to be learned from the life of King Hezekiah in Isaiah 36-39:

  • It’s alright to use our human efforts, as long as they are guided and aided by God. (Hezekiah took proper precautions to arm themselves when an Assyrian attack was imminent.) 2 Chronicles 32:1-8


  • A battle with words can be just as destructive as a physical attack. (The verbal clash outside the city with Sennacherib’s emissaries had an adverse effect on the frightened citizens in Jerusalem.) Isaiah 36:2-22


  • God does not forsake us, even when we are in great mental or physical distress. (God heard and answered Hezekiah’s passionate pleas for help.) Isaiah 37:1-35


  • God has the ultimate power to overthrow our enemies without our help. (The miraculous death of an entire army became the defense that was needed to save Jerusalem.) Isaiah 37:36-38


  • No matter how close we are to God, there is a possibility that our loyalties can change. (Hezekiah’s healing did not guarantee his faithfulness later in life, when he let pride into his heart.) Isaiah 38:1-22 and 39:1-8

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