Ron and I were in Tennessee recently for Southern Adventist University’s week of spiritual emphasis.  The event is held on campus in a large tent, and it is called InTents.  We have had a nice week, but the highlight of the week for both of us was the chance to spend several hours at different times with Dave and Cherie Smith.  Ron and I, like most of you, felt a deep loss when Dave and Cherie followed God’s leading away from us.  The chance to pick up where we had left off several months ago gave us a chance to get a feel for what heaven will be like.  And when I hugged them good-bye on Sabbath evening, I once again had a longing in my heart for heaven and the ability to be together again for eternity.  I know all of us have people we love who live away from us.  Heaven will be not only never having to hug those we love good-bye, but it will also mean being with our heavenly family for eternity.


Photo credit:   Julie Escobar