Skyview Learning Academy, an independently operated private school outside of Lincoln, Nebraska, opened its doors last year with an enrollment of 13 students and has started off this school year with 25 students. The school’s non-traditional approach to education using nature and hands-on learning led to this increase of almost 200 percent.

Following Ellen White’s guidance in the book Education, Skyview is proud to be known for “mudboots” and as the book suggests, they challenge the students to learn practical life skills in addition to offering quality academics. The students here are no strangers to getting muddy in the garden, feeding the farm animals or taking care of the resident bunny, Mr. Buns, as they grow their life skills and learn self-sufficiency.

The students, ranging from Preschool through 8th grade, participate in a thorough cleaning of the school each morning and even the youngest students are learning to take out the trash and change the toilet papers rolls.

Skyview’s focus of getting the students active and moving outside in nature first thing in the morning is an integral part in preparing their minds to focus on studies. “In addition to getting the ‘wiggles out’ first thing, it allows for the blood in the body to circulate to the brain and provides oxygen through their bodies for clarity in thinking,” states Skyview director Michele Ray. “Our school is approaching education in a way that is rarely seen today, in a peaceful, 20-acre setting where kids are free to roam and play in the trees at recess. To hear them laughing and enjoying their childhood outdoors echoes loudly in the heart of many parents today,” says Ray.

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